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Partner, Attorney at Law admitted in Japan and New York. Main practice area is M&A, investment funds and other corporate transactions. I am also supporting start-ups.

Partner, Attorney at Law admitted in Japan and New York.
My areas of practice include M&A, corporate laws, investment funds as well as capital markets. Before joining Toranomon Chuo Law Firm (former Namura & Partners), I worked at Tokyo office of White & Case L.L.P and was involved in various kinds of complex transactions such as cross-border M&A, investment funds, joint venture and equity financing.

Toranomon Chuo Law Firm is a full service law firm founded in 1983 in Tokyo. Toranomon Chuo Law Firm has earned an outstanding reputation among its clients, peers and the judiciary. In December, 2014, Toranomon Chuo Law Firm has started foreign law joint venture (gaikokuhou kyodo jigyo) with Broad and Bright whose offices are at Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong then provide its legal service to both Japanese and multi-national clients doing business in Japan and overseas including China in more effective and efficient manner.

SatoYukiは、虎門中央法律事務所パートナー 佐藤有紀の法律分析Blogです。M&A、投資、ベンチャー企業その他に関連する法律や趣味のGolfや食べ物を中心に独自の視点でお伝えします。

M&Aと我々弁護士を規律する弁護士法は、一見無関係なように思えますが、時としてM&Aにおいて弁護士法が問題となることがあります。具体的に申しますと、会社が事業統合するに当たり、純粋持株会社を設立し、本社機能はすべて子会社に移管するようなケースです。このようなケ ...

ご連絡が遅れましたが今月月初より弁護士法人苗村法律事務所の東京代表に就任いたしました。これまでWhite & Caseの東京オフィスにおいて国際取引、ファンド、M&A等の企業法務に取り組んでまいりましたが、新事務所においては従前のお客様にサービスを提供するだけではなく、 ...